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Digital Health Circle is a BC-based non-profit that helps create digital technologies to improve health outcomes for seniors, improve working conditions for health workers, and alleviate the growing pressures on BC’s health system caused by an aging population.


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Circle and Avocado Video - a Vancouver-based educational content production studio - launched a successful collaboration in 2019 to create a digital health therapeutic application for patients with multiple sclerosis. This app will help patients understand and communicate the symptoms and treatment options to manage multiple sclerosis.

After more than 40 years of the forefront advocate for health, housing and income support programs for older adults, 411 Seniors is moving to their new location in Vancouver. Together with the STAR Institute at SFU, Circle is working to identify unmet health needs for low-income older adults in the community, and will advise 411 Seniors on affordable health technologies that will benefit the health of their members.